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Experienced Excavating Contractors in Maryland Give Peace of Mind

Today’s best excavating contractors produce more resilient work than ever before by preparing your site for hurricanes, temperature extremes, and flooding using techniques that weren’t even an option a decade ago. Your grading and excavating professional should prepare your site to withstand Maryland’s unique challenges, which can include significant rain and snow. Thankfully, the industry is always creating new techniques that make more efficient use of workers and machinery to create a better product that is more resistant to erosion and flooding. Here are a few helpful tips when selecting an excavating and grading contractor:

Why Maryland Grading and Excavating Contractors Should be Accredited

Accreditation and licensing are the first things you look for in your excavating contractors. The sector is highly regulated, both in terms of worker safety and federal guidelines. Since licensing and accreditation are important, they will guide you in choosing the best Maryland grading and excavating contractor for your project. The EPA regulates safety, efficiency, and standards of work.

The Clean Water Act, for example, ensures that your construction site has the right storm water runoff to keep your foundation and landscaping intact. The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan requires your grading contractor to handle erosion, sediment control, and storm water management strategies. If your professional routinely complies with the EPA’s standards for erosion, your foundation will less likely crack and your basement will be less prone to dampness or flooding. You can also be assured of soil that is free of pollutants that will destroy your landscaping before you even start designing it.

Excavating contractors in Maryland have to be familiar with the different types of soils.

Dredged material disposal is another important aspect of excavation and the federal government regulates this part of the law through a permit program. Look for general excavation and construction permits, along with water quality certifications. Maryland land excavation professionals are required to have a construction license under the Maryland Home Builder Registration Act. Doing your due diligence in hiring an excellent grading contractor is made a little easier because the industry is carefully standardized.

Stormwater Facilities has a long list of accreditations that includes Anne Arundel County’s Department of Health, the Maryland Department of the Environment, and Maryland Building Industry Association. As a proud American, woman-owned organization with decades of experience behind it, we are well acquainted with the regulatory framework that supports our work quality. What’s more, we spent decades developing good relationships with inspectors and know what they look for when reviewing a project. Our knowledge, work and professional relationships pave the way for faster and easier approvals.

Reviews and the Better Business Bureau

Once you’ve checked for the right licensing, you can begin to look at your land excavation specialist’s clients. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) maintains a rating system that will tell you volumes about your hydraulic grading and excavating contractor. The organization records past complaints, unethical practices, and negative reviews. In doing so, it promotes an atmosphere of trust between you and your excavator. Those with a high BBB rating will perform with integrity and transparency. They will resolve client complaints in a productive way.

Online reviews also give you an idea of how your excavation and grading contractor manages problems. User ratings are found on home-service directories like and Don’t limit your assessment to work quality. It’s equally important that your contractor is responsive to customer concerns. A great professional is a communicative one who solves problems in an accountable way.

Stormwater Facilities has built an A+ rating by offering 20 years of service excellence to our clients, which is why we stand out among the other Maryland grading and excavating contractors. We provide great value at reasonable prices and treat large jobs with the same attention to detail as we do smaller ones. We care about your site, and we’ve built an impressive amount of expertise by operating in Maryland for decades.

Teamwork is Crucial on the Modern Worksite

The sector requires collaborative with contractors from with different specialties often working together to solve problems as a team. At Stormwater Facilities, we pride ourselves by being a focal point and collaborate with a variety of subcontractors to quickly move projects forward. We spent decades building strong working relationships with many contractors and subcontractors. Our clear and easy to understand documentation helps other contractors to move forward with confidence. Our timely completion of projects is appreciated by everyone working on the site.

Recommendations for Maryland Excavation and Grading Contractors

With that in mind, who better to advise you on a grading and excavation contractor than the businesses that use them regularly? Architects, building contractors, and other subcontractors have worked with several excavators and are intimately acquainted with their work ethics. You can request referrals from your local building supplier and landscaper. Both industries are dramatically affected by substandard grading and they usually have a clear understanding of how well construction sites hold up years after they’ve been excavated.

Poor excavation causes muddy lawns and indoor dampness. It leaves trees and roots that grow into bricks and mortar years after the foundation is laid. Badly graded land copes poorly with high water tables and, if disposal is handled badly, it also has negative effects on your neighbors’ air quality. Subsidence (settling) can even set your next-door neighbors’ homes off balance. Your choice of Maryland excavation and grading contractor is vital, not only to you, but your neighborhood as well. Ask a veteran general contractor or experienced subcontractor, and you will hear good things about Stormwater Facilities. We have spent decades building a good reputation, one satisfied client at a time.

Experience and Reputation

Land excavation and grading demand attention to detail and precision. Excavation must prepare your foundation without removing important topsoil. Erosion can be an unwelcome consequence of inexperienced grading, and drainage problems can create serious health problems. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes and mold. Buildings without proper grading and drainage invite fungus and rising dampness into the structure, where they can cause asthma and other respiratory diseases. The best grading and excavating contractors manage drainage tactically, and create the perfect strategy for your unique lot. Swales and slopes are two of many solutions, but in some cases, they aren’t enough. Perforated pipes/drain tile can also be used to carry water away from your home. Every strategy has its benefits and disadvantages, and only an experienced company can manage them efficiently.

Stormwater Facilities has built a solid 20-year reputation and experience in the Maryland area. We collaborate with all the professionals involved in your project. We have a strong team of utility, pipeline, and other grading and excavating contractors. We can handle:

Traits to Look for in an Excavating and Grading Contractor

Moving dirt might seem like imprecise and brutish work, but it requires a meticulous approach. Work that’s less than accurate will affect you years into the future when your basement cracks or your walls shift. Even the flattest of sites has low spots, and even the subtlest of errors with your slope can become problematic. Your excavation and grading contractor should:

  • Excavate with supportive trenches and the mending of waterlogged terrain.
  • Have the right machinery to handle every problem quickly and precisely, even in dense rock.
  • Be accountable to you and your other contractors when it comes to deadlines and mistakes.
  • Value the quality of the topsoil you’re left with.
  • Have the experience and expertise to predict the need for blasting and other heavy work before they begin the job.
  • Understand how erosion will impact on your soil and vice versa.

At Stormwater Facilities, we believe that trust is earned through precise budgeting, transparent quotes, and professional dependability. Our staff is trained to handle your lot expertly, solving problems in the best and most efficient way possible. We are a woman-owned business and earned the respect of other contractors in a male-dominated arena by getting the job done right the first time and on time. When you’re looking for a Maryland grading and excavating contractor, we live up to our stellar reputation through one beautifully rendered contract at a time.