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Fire Suppression Water Tanks

What Are Underground Fire Suppression Water Tanks?

Underground fire suppression water tanks provide a source of water intended to support automatic sprinkler and fire extinguishing systems. These tanks store large amounts of water for buildings and property that have no access to municipal water.

Fiberglass water tanks can offer flexibility and can be manufactured to your specifications for any custom installation. In addition, naturally corrosion resistant fiberglass systems are watertight because they are custom manufactured.

Increased regulation and insurance requirements have led to a high demand for fiberglass fire suppression tanks as sources for fire protection water. Fire suppression systems are an integral part of site development construction. They act as a sole source of water in rural areas and standby water reservoir to supplement a pressurized municipal water system.


Why Use Stormwater Facilities?

Simple. Experience.

Stormwater Facilities has a retired Fire Marshal and Fire Fighter on staff. This allows us a unique understanding of the enforcement and specifications necessary to complete this type of project. In addition, we are one of only a handful of companies statewide fully accredited and licensed to offer reliable underground fire suppression water tank installation by the State of Maryland.

We can install underground fire suppresssion water tanks from 5,000 gallons to 100,000 and always use the latest technologies and materials available. Plus we use both Xerxes and Flowtite systems so we can match any of the NFPA22 or NFPA1142 standards.

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