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What Do I Need to Know About Maryland Land Excavation?

Land excavation in Maryland entails more than simply moving soil. Preparing a site demands a strategic approach to topography and its impact on the structure you’re preparing to build. Intelligent Maryland land excavation companies will consider the economics and aesthetics of your project, saving natural habitat and staking land for septic tanks, basements, and the like.  This is the first step towards building a solid foundation, and if it’s handled well, it will ensure that your property is as safe and beautiful as possible. 

Types of Maryland Land Excavation

Excavation is no simple task. One job will demand a range of different methods and tools, which could include any of the following: 

  • Borrow excavation: Moving materials like soil to a location that requires filling or mixing.
  • Channel excavation: Creating channels and drainage ditches to alter water flow or improve capacity. This helps prevent flooding and sediment buildup.
  • Dredging: Underwater process that removes sediment to allow boat traffic to pass.
  • Earth excavation: Removing soil to make room for a foundation.
  • Muck excavation: Removing water and soil or spreading it to allow it to dry.
  • Footing: Building a foundation strong enough to support the structures it will need to support.
  • Rock excavation: Removing the rocky structures that will get in the way of construction.
  • Stripping: Clearing soil, rocks, and other materials from a large area.
  • Underground excavation: Underground clearing to develop roadways, canals, and other underground lines.

Stormwater Facilities handles a huge range of land excavation services in Maryland, and we have the machinery and expertise to manage every project. With two decades of successful Maryland land excavations behind us, we’ve earned a reputation for skilled, precise work. We’ve developed strong relationships with our service providers and suppliers, so we can serve you in a budget-friendly way.

Maryland land excavation requires skilled workers and heavy machinery.

Vactor Vacuum Excavations

Vactor vacuums are potent, heavy-duty machines that use air to do non-destructive digging and potholing. This machinery is capable of performing highly precise slot trenching, even on frozen land. It’s often used in the oil and gas industry and for municipal property, but it’s also a core part of ordinary site preparation. Vactor vacuum excavation is often the best way to find out the depth of utility lines, preventing expensive mistakes. The vacuum hose moves debris onto a truck, solving the problem of how to dispose of dirt in one fell swoop.

In contrast, a hydraulic excavator uses a non-destructive water-powered technique to expose utilities without damaging them. It can get through any kind of land, from rocky earth to clay. 

Hydraulic or Vacuum Excavation?

Air and water excavation both have their place. Hydroexcavation is often faster, but in some cases, air excavation can cope with the opening and backfilling of a hole in less than an hour without generating sediment that needs to be disposed of. In areas with a lot of clay in the soil or where snow is a factor, the ground is harder to penetrate, and water is more effective. Some excavators use both air and water on the same site. The key is to think strategically about the unique properties of each area.

Finding Grade Levels for the Excavation of Land in Maryland

When excavating land in Maryland, one must first establish a rough grade. This entails preparing the site so that it’s in keeping with local codes. Debris is then moved off-site to prepare the final grade. Once trees and other flora have been shifted, the land must be roughly graded to create a level or sloped foundation for the forthcoming construction. A well-managed grade will direct rainwater away from your building’s foundation so that its stability isn’t compromised. This might seem like an imprecise task, but poor foundation grades can lead to leaks, damp basements, and swamp-like gardens, so it demands careful work.

Establishing a foundation grade is a step-by-step process. Backfilling will move away debris, brace walls, and prevent window well drain leaders from shifting. High-quality backfill material ensures thorough drainage, so it must be free of roots and other plant debris that will settle unevenly once it decomposes. By working in effective layers, your grading and excavating company can help the soil to settle in a way that doesn’t cause foundation cracks in the future.

The foundation is offset by an eight-inch reveal from the grade, and the slope is prepared to encourage water to drain away from the property. When plants are added, the reveal must be precisely maintained. Landscaping is planted far enough from the foundation to prevent root damage.

Every piece of land has its own challenges, so Stormwater Facilities assesses every site with fresh eyes. We treat every contract, large and small, as its own unique challenge, solving problems with strategic precision.

Thoughtless land excavation in Maryland can cause erosion and fire hazards, so when we grade your site, we’ll make sure we leave it ready for successful planting and security. Lawn re-sloping helps us prepare for any important rain forecasts, too. 


Disposing of organic material and dirt requires its own strategy, both to serve workers while they operate and to clear the site. Dust and other particles need to be managed during excavation, and soil quality needs to be sustained or improved upon. Waste can be expensive to move, so on-site landfills are often used. The contamination footprint must also be minimized, so in some cases, only an off-site landfill can be used. Transporting waste through neighborhoods can expose the public to asbestos and other health hazards, so Maryland’s waste management codes must be carefully followed. Maryland has five industrial and three land-clearing landfills. Any waste disposal strategy must be drafted economically with safety and site integrity in mind. Just as there is more than one land excavation strategy in Maryland, dirt disposal must be handled on a site-by-site basis.

Finding the Right Company

Moving earth is risky and complex work, and it will affect your property many decades into the future, so choosing the right company for land excavation in Maryland is integral. The right company will:

  • Have at least five years of Maryland land excavation experience
  • Have the right local certification, licensing, insurance, and workman’s compensation.
  • Charge affordable rates
  • Have all the right machinery for getting the job done well
  • Be a natural problem solver who treats each site with scrutiny and creativity

Teamwork is a crucial skill in an excavating project. All the professionals involved in developing your land must do the extra work required in connecting with one another. This often-overlooked trait helps all involved to hold tightly to the project’s priorities. When your companies follow the same connected goals, the project will be executed more safely and in a more streamlined way, solving problems together and calling timeouts when safety is compromised. With Stormwater Facilities, this is an easy choice with over 20 years of excellent services, both planned and essential emergency services. Projects for the state of Maryland, the Anne Arundel County Department of Health as well as many other respected businesses and governmental organizations show how important Stormwater Facilities is to the state of Maryland with its expertise and quality work.

One Company to Solve Many Problems

There are several advantages to having a single company with the breadth of skills to handle many different parts of a project. You save time, energy, and hassle having to find contractors. Your underground utility company is familiar with the unique demands of the project, they build relationships with inspectors and other subs, and find ways to expedite the process. We believe in being a partner, rather than just another company, in order to have long-standing, respectful relationships with our clients. Our dedication and quality work speak for itself, however the amount of specializations we have accomplished is truly impressive. We specialize in the following core categories:

Stormwater Facilities is accredited by Maryland’s Department of the Environment, Maryland Building Industry Association, and Anne Arundel Department of Health. We’re a full-service all-American firm who can handle everything from water line installation to concrete coring, no matter how big or small the job. We are also a woman-owned business and have earned the respect of other companies in a male-dominated arena by getting the job done right the first time, and on time. We see Maryland land excavation as the first step in reaching construction goals, and we treat your project as our most important step in establishing a long and trusting relationship.