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Give Storm Drains the Attention they Deserve

Excessive run-off from storms, heavy rainfall, snowmelt, and other forms of precipitation can affect private businesses. Indeed, poor storm drains can make your site harder to maintain if the water is not being properly drained. It can also result in structural damage or complications on the property after construction is complete. It can disrupt business, and in an extreme scenario, flooding can completely interrupt cash flow. The rare, worst-case scenario is that improper stormwater management can lead to contaminated run-off, which pollutes local water supplies and subjects a firm to potentially costly litigation or penalties. Hence, proper storm drainage is an important consideration for businesses and deserves the attention of a true expert.

It is important for businesses to implement a proper system for draining storm water and other excess precipitation. To get this done, such companies need to work with a partner who shares their goals and is able to provide services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Stormwater Facilities provides quality and reliable underground utility services throughout Maryland. As a woman-owned business, Stormwater Facilities also is an experienced and valuable contractor for state and local government projects. We are the partner you need to implement a proper storm drainage plan.

Why Choose Stormwater Facilities to do Your Storm Drains?


With over 30 years of experience in the industry and some of the most specialized contracting professionals in the state of Maryland, we have solved problems like your’ s before. Get your project done right the first time with a company that has a proven track record.


Here are Stormwater Facilities, we have developed a proprietary system to allow for unrivaled transparency and accountability. You will always know that is going on with your project and have access to all records, drawings, and important information. Just because we do underground utility work doesn’t mean we can’t be completely above board with our clients.

Local Expertise

We have spent decades developing good relationships with inspectors, and other contractors. We understand all of the local ordinances and the implications for your project. We know what inspectors are looking for and how to make sure your project does not encounter any unnecessary delays.

Full-Service Contracting

You can spend a lot of time, energy, and money coordinating a long list of subcontractors for each part of your project. Or you can save time, energy and money by finding a reliable contractor that can knock a host of things off your checklist and has familiarity with the project from earlier involvement. Allow Stormwater Facilities to share the breadth of our expertise with you and streamline the process. We provide the following services:

Storm Drains - Full Service Contracting

Woman-Owned, Family Business

As a family-owned business, we take a great deal of pride in our work. The utility contracting business is very tough, and for a woman-owned business to succeed, we have to be just a little bit faster, more precise, and more rigorous than the competition. We are proud that Stormwater Facilities is part of our family’s legacy in Maryland.

But why are storm drainage systems so important for your business?

Makes site development easier

Proper storm drainage can make it easier for private developers to prepare their land for construction work. This is because any major work on your site will typically begin with underground utility construction. Therefore, working on storm drains can help private developers get the important work out of the way early before other construction projects begin.

In fact, setting up storm drain systems will determine other critical land development processes such as clearing sites, grading, excavation work, and water supply systems.

Storm Drains - Easy Installation

Makes utility installations easier

Stormwater Facilities provides critical underground utility services that facilitate the operations of private businesses. Utility installation would be challenging without proper storm drain systems. This is because the location and proper functioning of these storm drains determine where utility lines will run.

At Stormwater Facilities, our underground utility installations are particularly tailored to private companies. We also understand the importance of proper storm drainage and we upgrade your storm drains.

Prevents structural damage

Water flooding can heavily affect the foundations of structures on your site. A leading cause of flooded water is poorly maintained storm drains. Indeed, such drains are designed to channel excess water for this very purpose. With poor storm drainage, you can end up incurring costly structural damage.

Ensures water quality

A storm drain typically offloads excess water in nearby bodies such as lakes, rivers, and streams. These same water bodies are the source of water supply for many different municipalities. Therefore, a properly configured storm drain system can result in a better water quality. This is especially true if your business is handling large amounts of chemical waste. With poorly managed storm drains, you can end up contaminating local water bodies as well as the main supply system.

No more foul odors in buildings

Debris that clogs a poorly designed storm drain can begin to decompose and emit foul odors into your premises. This can provide a bad image to potential customers of your company. Therefore, proper storm drainage systems increase the aesthetics of your premises.

At Stormwater Facilities, our Vactor Services Baltimore County can help install and maintain storm drains. We also carry out underground utility constructions and site development services for private businesses.