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What Should I Know About Maryland Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line repair in Maryland is a complex endeavor that must account for new technologies and existing infrastructure problems. The region is infamous for its aging sewer systems despite the many public hearings that have been held to create a maintenance strategy. Groundwater contamination, clogs, and bursts punctuate daily life. In the last three years, there has been a 35% increase in local blockages, partly because flushable wipes have become a frequent hazard. There are, however, a range of budget-friendly techniques for repairing your sewer line. Contemporary technology has carried the field into a new and convenient future.

Maryland Sewer Line Repair - Top-Rated Equipment
Using The Best Equipment for Maryland Sewer Line Repairs

How to Tell if You Need Sewer Line Repairs in Maryland

A broken sewer pipeline might cause poor drainage and gurgling that emanates from your plumbing. You might notice sewage back up in your kitchen and bathroom that presents as a blockage. If you pick up a sewage scent in your garden, it might not have a clear passage into the city’s sewer lines. 

Trenchless Pipe Lining

Pipe lining is an economical sewer line repair solution for a complicated problem. It doesn’t require heavy excavation, relying on one simple access hole. Epoxy is used to line existing pipes, covering the line in a non-porous layer without requiring expensive trenches or replacements. The solution takes care of joints and can usually be handled in only a day. The solution generally lasts for 50 years.

“Pipe Bursting” as a Maryland Sewer Line Repair Technique

Underground utility contractors sometimes use trenchless pipe bursting to evade the need for costly digging. The existing pipeline doesn’t need to be removed. Brittle pipes are fragmented, and new ones are aligned and installed. Pipe splitting is another alternative that replaces ductile pipes with the help of cutter blades. This can be achieved in three ways:

  • By using hydraulic pressure
  • With the help of a constant pull force
  • With pneumatic power.

Pneumatic power has become less and less relevant as static pipe bursting has grown in popularity for sewer line repair in Maryland. Stormwater Facilities provides a comprehensive range of services that leverage the benefits and drawbacks of all repair techniques. We leverage both traditional open trench and trenchless techniques that minimize landscaping damage. Our excavating contractors assess your problem in-depth before arriving at the perfect strategy for the project’s unique characteristics.

Open Trench and Trenchless Fixes

When we arrive at your site, we will consider your time constraints, the brick and mortar features over the sewer line, and the condition of your pipes. We’ll choose an open trenched repair if the pipeline is too damaged to support trenchless methods. Unlike pipe bursting techniques, the open trench technique removes the entire pipe, but it can be time-consuming, particularly if the pipe is covered by cement structures. Reconstruction is expensive, so we’ll build a holistic and balanced price plan for your unique needs.

Best Equipment for the Job - Maryland Sewer Line Repair

Indirect Costs of Sewer Line Repairs in Maryland

Any Maryland sewer line repairs come with three kinds of costs:

  • The indirect costs of replacing infrastructure
  • The social inconvenience
  • The direct costs of labor and new pipes.

Social inconvenience often comes with profit loss. If the repair requires retailers and offices to shut down for long periods of time, rehabilitation can quickly become unaffordable. If traffic lights and other important infrastructure will be interrupted, those costs move well beyond dollar amounts, affecting the safety of everyone in the area. Time-economy is integral to any project.

Stormwater Facilities has 30 years of experience behind it, so we’re well acquainted with aspects of projects that can’t be quantified in a basic quote. Our site development skills inform our repair work, allowing us to weigh the social costs of the work more accurately than most contractors manage. Of course, an experienced contractor is a connected one, and Stormwater Facilities has developed strong relationships with suppliers. That translates into reduced prices, and you’ll feel the difference when you receive your quote.

The Value of Equipment

Your sewer line repair specialist in Maryland should carry more than just its licenses and certifications. Don’t depend on state regulators to tell you who is the best choice for underground utility projects. Advanced, up-to-date equipment brings you more lasting repair and more thorough back-filling. This prevents sinkholes and secondary damage, achieving enough compaction to prevent patch failures. Superior technology plays an important role in diagnosing your problem, allowing for trenchless repair, which often comes at half the price of traditional techniques.

Inspections provide critical insights long before the first pipe is repaired. Full color, self-leveling cameras can be paired with hydro jets that improve the clarity of your inspection. Pipe lining is far more complex than replacement, so it requires video inspection that picks up all problems along the full diameter of your pipe. It should assess branch connections, root intrusions, blockages, and cracks. Systematic smoke tests are sometimes used as an alternative when odor or gas is detected. We’ll use all the information available to us to build a transparent quote. Information is power, and we use it to build an accountable relationship with those we serve, no matter how big or small the project.

Advanced Equipment - Maryland Sewer Line Repair

Due Diligence

Excavations need to comply with Maryland’s safety regulations. Licenses and specialty insurance will give you peace of mind, protecting you from liability. An uninsured contractor is a careless one, so once you’ve checked the paperwork, we’ll provide a formal contract that includes the start and end point of the replacement or repair including a clear time-frame for the work. References and client reviews will fill in the gaps, letting you assess our work history and perform a few of your own investigations. The Better Business Bureau offers a useful tool when you’re shopping around for a sewer repair specialist.

Full- Service Underground Utility Contracting

There are definite advantages to having a single contractor with the breadth of skills to handle multiple parts of a project. Whether it is the team’s familiarity with the project, the time and energy you save having to find contractors, the relationships that develop with inspectors, or simply finding ways to expedite the process, a versatile contractor can really pay off. Here at Stormwater Facilities, we specialize in the following core competencies:

Rehabilitating Aging Infrastructure

Maryland’s sewer lines are aging, so rehabilitating them demands a thoughtful approach. Slipshod practices can disrupt existing infrastructure, damaging electrical wires, gas pipes, and telephone lines if your contractor doesn’t take enough care with them. Aging concrete waste water infrastructure requires advanced coatings and linings that won’t be prone to future deterioration. Seasonal climate change and harsh treatment chemicals tend to wear concrete away, exposing hydrogen sulfide gas that can damage surrounding structures. Sewer line repair thus needs to make use of waterproof membranes or coatings that prevent leaks and build upon the integrity of the system.

Roots, ground shifts, and weather can also cause further damage, and city sewer backup can cause blockages that won’t clear on their own.

Sewer repair is a niche specialty, best performed by those who have the unique skill set required to handle it well. It doesn’t suit a general handyman or even a generic plumber. It requires unique tools, in-depth knowledge, and niche licensing. Stormwater Facilities is proudly American, and we have the insights to manage your project in an accountable fashion. We are also a woman-owned business, and have earned the respect of other contractors in a male-dominated arena through the quality of our work and the dependability of our team. Put simply, we know Maryland’s infrastructure like the back of our hands. With decades of dependable work behind us, we have the experience and skill to handle your sewer line repair in Maryland right the first time — on time and on budget.