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Winter often comes with snow and ice removal. If you are a commercial property owner, you must come up with a routine to keep your property safe and avoid unnecessary expenses. The following tips may help you deal with ice and snow removal Maryland requires for your commercial property.

Examine the Property

Always take a look around your property after a big storm before the workday begins. A full inspection of your property makes it possible to identify problem areas. One thing to look out for includes excessive buildup of snow. If an area seems hazardous, block it off from motorists and pedestrians until you can remove the snow.

Use the Right Equipment

The equipment you use depends on the amount of snow to be removed. If it is possible to remove snow with a shovel, get the right shovel for the job. Having a good shovel makes your job easier. Even though cheap shovels will still get the job done, they put a lot of strain on your back. It is a good idea to spend money on a high-quality, heavy plastic or aluminum blade shovel. Go for medium-sized shovels rather than large ones. Large shovels can also cause back pain. If the shovel has built up beyond what a shovel can manage, you may need to use different machinery or hire a professional service like Stormwater Facilities.

Think About the Impact of Ice Melt

There are lots of ways to remove slippery ice from the surface of your walkway or driveway. Some of the most common options include calcium magnesium, calcium chloride, and salt. It is wise to understand the effects of the option you choose. Some of them may affect your pets or plants. Even though the process of ice and snow removal Maryland requires can be frustrating, you should not postpone it. The following are a few dangers that you may encounter if you do not remove snow and ice promptly.

Stormwater Facilities is dedicated to the snow removal Maryland needs.

Safety and Liability Issues

If your walkway or driveway is filled with snow or ice, it is possible for your customers or loved ones to slip and fall and get seriously injured. If customers are injured on your property, they may file a lawsuit against you or your business. Removing snow and ice as soon as possible can help avoid accidents and liability suits. Ice and snow can also cause a lot of structural damage to your property. If snow freezes on your roof, its weight may cause your roof to fall.

Hard work

If you put off snow removal for an extended period of time, the task may get harder. If you start shoveling while it’s still snowing and remove a few inches at a time the snow removal process can be easier.

It is possible to remove snow and ice from your property but hiring a professional will get you better results with less effort. If you are looking for the in-depth snow removal Maryland needs and other important services, consider working with Stormwater Facilities.

Reasons to Work with Stormwater Facilities

Focus on Customer Needs

We put a lot of focus on the specific needs of our customers. Every customer has unique needs and they all deserve to be addressed differently. All snow plowing services for commercial premises are unique based on their location. Stormwater Facilities considers the unique outdoor space of every commercial property.

Competitive Prices

The prices at Stormwater Facilities are fair and competitive. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get quality snow removal, Maryland is no exception. All snow removal contracts offer transparent pricing. Some things that influence pricing include; the size of the business’ serviceable area, peak vs. off-peak hours, and specific needs.

Ability to Handle Emergencies

You should work with a snow removal Maryland-based company whose services are available whenever you need them. Stormwater Facilities can handle your emergencies as soon as they arise. Snow emergencies can happen when you least expect. Fortunately, Stormwater Facilities can take care of any snow emergencies in Maryland.

We have a fleet of loaders and trucks that can complete any type of snow removal. We can mobilize the fleet in a few minutes depending on your situation.

For experts in Snow removal, Maryland trusts Stormwater Facilities.


Our company has more than 25 years of experience in snow removal Maryland has had the benefit of enjoying. Stormwater Facilities technicians understand the weather patterns, local ordinances, and customer needs. They have learned to adjust labor, equipment, and services to suit the needs of commercial establishments.

Here at Stormwater Facilities, our experience is very broad and we specialize in the following core projects:

Licensing and Insurance

Stormwater Facilities is licensed, bonded, and insured. We have the right technicians and skills to get the job done. Working with Stormwater Facilities gives you confidence that your job is in good hands.

We offer the following:

Our Response Time

Our response time is fast. It depends on a number of variables. They include severity of the snowstorm, accessibility of your location, and the snow removal plan that we intend to use. Typically, we can have a track on your site in 15 minutes.

Safe Snow and Ice Melting Safe

We do our best to keep our snow and ice removal services safe. We use bagged Ice Melt, bulk salt, bagged salt, and magnesium chloride. For broadcast spreaders, we only use those that are appropriate for application. The chemicals we use are safe for vegetation.

We Offer Snow Removal Plans

We can work out a snow removal plan for you depending on your property and its needs. The response time will always depend on the nature of the situation. We may help you create a disaster plan to deal with power outages in the event of a snowstorm.

Ability to Look Out for Your Landscaping

Snow removal can be a tough job, but it also needs to be precise and well-executed. We try to respect your environment and landscaping when performing the necessary snow removal. Our technicians are trained to exercise caution and care when plowing, stacking, and hauling. Our goal is to get the job done without causing any damage. We do our best to keep snow from piling too high on roadsides or parking lots.

We understand the hazards that may affect pedestrians and property if we do not do our job well. We use a combination of ice melting and snow hauling techniques that make it possible to remove snow safely.

Contact Stormwater Facilities today for all your snow plowing and snow removal Maryland needs during the winter.