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Top Underground Utility Contractors in the Baltimore Area and Beyond

Main Street Water Tapping by Stormwater FacilitiesYour commercial or residential building project requires a skilled underground utility contractor to stay on time, on budget and deliver systems that last. Stormwater Facilities has served the needs of site developers in Maryland for over 20 years. Our underground utility contractors have completed numerous projects of all sizes, depths, and complexities. The services offered by Stormwater Facilities ensure that your project is done to your specifications.

Reasons to Choose Stormwater Facilities as for Baltimore Underground Utility Contracting

There are a number of reasons to choose Stormwater facilities for your next big project, including:

  • Experience – We have been doing underground utility contracting for more than 20 years. We have encountered problems similar to your’s before, and we know how to solve them.
  • Relationships – We have spent decades building good working relationships with other contractors, and most importantly, local inspectors. We know how to collaborate and get things done quickly.
  • Quality – We believe in getting the job done right the first time, and have proprietary quality assurance checks to ensure all of our projects are done to the highest standards.
  • Accountability – We welcome contractors and property owners to inspect our work. We keep running logs of activity clients can access. We file all relevant drawings with local governments for complete transparency and accountability.
  • People – We have an extraordinary team, including some of Maryland’s best team leaders, skilled techs, expert engineers, and even a former fire-marshall. Our team is unrivaled in all of Maryland.
  • Versatile – We work on a number of different projects and have a diverse set of core competencies to help streamline the construction process for you.
  • Price – In spite of going the extra mile in all of these ways, our prices our competitive.

We would love the chance to discuss specifics of your project with you. Please call us at (410) 923-2084 to consult with an underground utility expert.

Local Experience and Nationally Recognized Skill

Baltimore Maryland Area Underground Utility ContractorsThe team at Stormwater Facilities concentrates on projects in the state of Maryland and the metro D.C. area. Our many years of local experience with local building statutes, licensing requirements, and safety codes means your project won’t be delayed due to incomplete or inaccurate paperwork. We uphold all applicable standards without sacrificing safety, speed, or quality.

While the Baltimore area is our home, the underground utility contractors from Stormwater Facilities have used their superior skills to complete building projects all over the country. Business owners, municipalities, and private property owners from California to Maryland have benefited from our installation and repair services.

Planning and Installation

The engineers and technicians at Stormwater Facilities partner with clients early in the building process to determine their vision, needs, and resources. Our underground utility contractors use this information to create a specialized installation plan for your underground water, storm, sewage, and electrical systems. We work with your site contractors to formulate the best way to get the job done safely without wasting time, labor, or materials.

Once the planning is complete, our contractors and technicians work efficiently to make your vision come to life. Property owners and site managers are involved throughout the process. We continuously provide information, guidance, and accountability to ease our clients’ decision-making processes and ensure that the final product is sufficient to support your property’s usage.

Installation Services

Here are some of the underground utility-related services we have performed for our clients:

  • Trench, pipe, and duct bank placements
  • Directional boring
  • Concrete Sawing
  • Manhole and vault installation
  • Core drilling
  • Cable pulling and blowing

Services are based on each individual client’s needs. We will work with your prime contractor to determine what works best for your project.

Our installation process is designed to be comprehensive, and we pro-actively anticipate the needs of our clients. The planning and installation services are designed to ensure a smooth construction process. We provide our own equipment and technicians who have spent countless hours on those machines, so staffing issues never endanger your deadlines. When you need a project done right the first time, on time and on budget, call Stormwater Facilities. We handle projects of any size. We regularly service small residential builds. We regularly handle larger municipal or commercial projects that interrupt public and private road access and effect entire subdivisions. You won’t have to worry about complaints or accidents, as we know how to handle these disruptions. We have trained traffic control managers and flaggers on-staff for our clients’ convenience. We also offer road repaving services to help restore roads after installation construction is complete. Stormwater Facilities is dedicated to making your building process smooth and efficient.

Solving Problems for Our Clients

While the largest part of our work is in site preparation and underground utility contracting, we provide a number of different services, including:

The Right Underground Utility Contractors for Your Building Project

Each project presents unique challenges. Whether that challenge arises from an engineering standpoint, tight timelines, geological considerations, or a very particular inspector, the Stormwater Facilities team is up to the challenge. No matter what geological, structural, spatial, or resource challenges your project presents, the underground utility contractors at Stormwater Facilities can successfully install your utility systems in the Baltimore area and beyond.