Commercial Services

We offer additional niche services to municipalities, general contractors, property managers and developers.

Stormwater Facilities’ fleet of heavy equipment and specially trained crews offer additional niche services to municipalities, general contractors, property managers and developers.

Stormwater Facilities holds several Maryland construction accreditations and has decades of professional experience working with inspectors. Safety of crews and the public is always Stormwater Facilities’ first priority and our employees are OSHA trained and certified.

Roll off Dumpster & Hauling Services

Stormwater Facilities offers reliable roll off dumpster and hauling services to general contractors, developers and municipalities. We work closely with our clients to schedule the correct size dumpster bin and arrange hauling equipment on time and on budget. Hauling services are offered as part of land clearing and demolition jobs.

Punch List Completion

We work closely with developers, general contractors and inspectors to complete post construction punch lists. Stormwater Facilities maintains strong relationships with county and state inspectors, has crews to finish final items and will assist in closing the project out to obtain the Certificate of Substantial Completion.

Roadwork & Asphalt Repair

Whether a site development project or repairing a broken water main, Stormwater Facilities offers our customers a complete line of roadwork and asphalt repair services. Roadwork services include paving, curbs, gutters and sidewalks. For asphalt repairs of all types, we combine concrete stone cutting with our cleaning, sealing and repaving services, eliminating the need for additional roadwork and asphalt repair contracting.

Waste Dumpster Rental Service

Stormwater Facilities offers commercial waste dumpster rentals for our customers in Maryland. To meet our clients’ needs for reliable and professional dumpster rentals, Stormwater Facilities purchased Timber Creek Rolloff Service. We operate an in-house roll-off dumpster rental service – no need for a go-between on dumpster rentals!

We, too, were frustrated with unreliable roll-off dumpster and hauling contractors. Now Stormwater Facilities offers roll-off dumpster and hauling service with every job and offers dumpster rentals in Maryland.

Stormwater Facilities offers niche commercial construction and maintenance services to municipalities, general contractors, property managers and developers.

Inspection Services

NOV (Notice of Violation)

Preventive Maintenance

LID (Low Impact Development)

Bio-Retention Facilities

Aboveground Sand Filter

Infiltration Basin

Above Ground Extended Detention Facilities

Underground Detention Facilities

Inspection & Maintenance

Stormwater Infrastructure & Drainage

Erosion Control System Repair or Design

Flood Control Measure Retrofitting

Stormwater Treatment Systems

Sediment Management Protocols

Sediment Pond Design

Stormwater Pond Maintenance

Detention & Retention Pond Construction




Dumpster Rental


Stormwater Filter Cleaning

Drywell Permitting & Decommissioning



Sedimentation Manhole Installation

Bioswale & Pond Cleaning

Underground Detention Cleaning

Vactor Truck Services

Video & Camera Inspection & Monitoring

Need a large water or fire suppression tank to be installed?

Stormwater Facilities offers underground water and fire suppression tank installation expertise. We own and are licensed operators of heavy construction equipment with the capability to excavate the area for underground tank placement. We have installed fire suppression tanks up to 90,000 gallons capacity in rural areas where there is lack of access to municipal water supplies.

Our services include all connection valves, hydrant hook-up and access pumps. We work closely with the local and state government and fire officials. We follow National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines and regulations. We will haul the excess dirt, add topsoil, perform final grading and landscaping to return the property to its original state.

Examples of underground tanks (but not limited to) are:

  • Fire protection tanks
  • Hydrant drafting tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Storm water reclamation
  • Wastewater storage