Residential Services

Emergency Residential Services

Stormwater Facilities has the expertise and heavy equipment to address homeowner needs when septic and sewage systems fail or need to be replaced.

We are current with all Maryland septic codes (COMAR Code of Maryland Regulations) and will recommend the best system that works for our customer.

Home sewage or septic system emergencies, including sinkholes, drain blockages and flooding are within our expertise. From pipe failures and pump failures to tank failure and baffle replacement, we can repair it all.

Our emergency response equipment ranges from a specialized pipeline inspection camera to heavy excavating equipment.

The advanced camera inspection and repair crawler technology offers pipeline visuals via WiFi. Internet feeds allow remote monitoring or the ability to store the data on the cloud/thumb drive.

At Stormwater Facilities we pride ourselves on having the trained staff and experience to mitigate project costs by offering tailored systems to suit your needs.

Sewage System Emergency Services

Failures can occur from grease coating causing inability of water to infiltrate, lid collapse, wall collapse, root intrusion, pipe failures, pump failures, baffles, and tank failure. We can get there quickly, contain the problem and repair it so your home can be up and running in no time.

Residential Excavation Services

Soil stabilization, backfill/grading and basement excavation projects require specialty expertise in the Chesapeake Bay area. Rules become stringent when a home is closer to the shoreline and watershed.

Stormwater Facilities has 25 years’ experience of residential sewer install and repair and is well versed in Anne Arundel and Baltimore County regulations.

RESIDENTIAL PROJECT: Install a private sewage disposal system at a waterfront property that was inaccessible to large scale excavating equipment.

SOLUTION: Stormwater Facilities designed a system with lightweight tanks allowing tank installation using smaller, more compact excavating equipment.

RESULT: General contractor was happy and the homeowner was satisfied.


Our Residential Services Include:

Sewage Disposal Systems

Soil Stabilization

Basement Excavation


Digital pipeline inspections

Sewer Installation

Sewer Cleanout Installation

Sewer Pipe/Drain/Line Repair

Septic System Repair/Replacement/Inspections/Installations

Certified in best available technologies (BAT) for Installation and Inspection