Summer Septic Rescue at KOA Campground

Summer Septic Rescue at KOA Campground

Nothing says summer more than a family camping trip, sleeping under the stars, roasting marshmallows around a fire, and enjoying the great outdoors. As the nation gears up for Memorial Day weekend this year, KOA Campgrounds across the country are putting the finishing touches on their facilities before one of their busiest weekends. The Washington DC / Capitol KOA Holiday in Millersville, MD ran into a potentially urgent situation ahead of the unofficial start to summer when their septic system began to fail earlier this month.

To address the immediate health and environmental risks, KOA sought assistance from Stormwater Facilities to design and implement a septic solution in time for the anticipated Memorial Day rush.

Guiding KOA through the design process, Stormwater Facilities created a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and safe septic solution.

Stormwater Facilities managed the septic system installation project from start to finish. After obtaining a commercial septic permit, Stormwater Facilities began by preparing the site by installing a silt fence, removing trees, and clearing the area where the new septic tank would be installed.

Next, the old septic system was pumped out to prepare it for removal. The mainline and manhole sewer were cleaned and removed so work could begin on the installation of the new 3,000-gallon septic pump tank. Drywells were installed and piped to a newly installed distribution box. For full control and function of the system, new controls, wiring, pump pedestal, valves, and new lines were installed.

Once the tank and all systems were installed, Stormwater Facilities completed the job by starting up the new system, testing the system, and performing an inspection to ensure everything was in proper working order. The site was cleaned up, finely graded, and permanent site stabilization was installed with mulch, seed, and straw to make everything perfect for the big Memorial Day weekend.

Stormwater Facilities showcased their commitment to environmental sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly techniques and materials during the project. This aligned with KOA’s dedication to preserving the campground’s natural surroundings.

As KOA prepares for the holiday weekend, they can trust that their infrastructure is well-prepared to handle the demands. After all, behind-the-scenes heroes like a good-working septic system keep the fun ‘flowing’ on a camping trip!

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