Stormwater Backup Clearing

Stormwater Backup Clearing

Outfall Ponding Backup caused by storm drain blockage

What would you expect to find in a sewer? It’s a question that most people don’t often think about (although you may have wondered what lurks in your storm drain after watching a particular clown- themed horror movie).

For companies like Stormwater Facilities, Inc., the question “what’s in this drain” is often a reality. Of all the debris removals we have encountered, our most recent one really took us for a spin!

Stormwater Facilities was called to Belle Ami Drive in Laurel, MD on a service call for a clogged storm drain. A mysterious blockage flooded the condominium parking lot and backed up the drain outfall.

Stormwater Facilities’ crew went right to work vacuuming the storm drain, identifying the blockage, and removing the immediate cause of the backup: a blue and purple Frozen-themed child’s scooter!

After clearing the blockage, Stormwater Facilities is working on a new proposal to return to the site to repair the outfall ponding by clearing the dumped landscape waste with heavy machinery.

The strangest things can cause stormwater backup. Don’t let it go: remember to clean up toys, debris, and other items that could float away when heavy rains are called for.

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The cause of the storm drain backup
The culprit: a child's Disney Frozen scooter