Stormwater Facilities isn’t “Kidding Around” at Deale Farm

Stormwater Facilities isn’t “Kidding Around” at Deale Farm

Deale Farm, a beautiful small farm focused on implementing new technological solutions for raising livestock and produce, has been undergoing a major transformation thanks to the underground utility work of Stormwater Facilities, Inc.

With their expertise in underground utilities, Stormwater Facilities, Inc. has been able to create a series of improvements to help Deale Farm continue to raise goats, sheep, chickens, and more while maintaining the highest standards in safety. Stormwater’s work at Deale Farm goes beyond managing water and includes a full range of site development and underground utility upgrades.

To help expand the farm’s livestock capacity, Stormwater made improvements to the farm’s water, electrical, and light systems. First, our team began site prep on the farm – watched over by the curious (and cute) inhabitants.

Stormwater crews dug a 500-foot-long, 36-inch-deep trench to house water lines for new troughs in the fields so that water can be provided easily in all weather conditions for thirsty animals.

The conduit also houses electrical supply to power trough heaters which ensure the water troughs never ice over in cold Maryland winters. The underground water utilities are supplied by a newly installed 1-inch poly water pipe that also delivers water to the on-farm residence and yard hydrants.

In addition to this water work, the electrical systems on the farm were upgraded to include 12-gauge wires and improved GFCI outlets to ensure the trough heaters can be operated safely and are code compliant. For on-farm security, Stormwater completed the site prep work and installation of 10-foot-tall light poles with automatic sensors to turn on the lights from dusk till dawn.

The hooved and beaked residents of Deale Farm seemed happy with the upgrades in their new digs, and the human customer seemed happy too – so much so that Stormwater Facilities has become the contractor of choice for Deale Farm and is in the process of further upgrades on the farm. Stormwater Facilities is proud to partner with such an innovative Maryland farm.

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