Stormwater Facilities Installs Fire Hydrants for Annapolis Middle School

Stormwater Facilities Installs Fire Hydrants for Annapolis Middle School

A fire hydrant is installed near an access trench dug by Stormwater Facilities

The image of kids playing in a fire hydrant evokes thoughts of summer fun on hot days. Fire hydrants are of course, not for play, but are an important part of all kids’ lives. During the hot summer months of 2021, Stormwater Facilities worked at Annapolis Middle School to ensure the students were just a little bit safer for the upcoming school year by installing new fire hydrants on the site.

Everyone has seen a bright red fire hydrant sticking out of the ground along roadways and sidewalks, but most haven’t seen the extensive systems below the ground to keep the hydrants running.

To quickly and safely place the infrastructure for the new fire hydrants, Stormwater Facilities carefully dug trenches, removing soil, plants, and sidewalks in order to develop the site. Then, pipes were laid in accordance with National Fire Protection Association and all requisite building codes before the pipes were safely tapped into the water main to create new water service to the fire hydrants.

This new water service increases the effectiveness of the fire sprinkler system in the school. The project lasted about three weeks and was finished just in time for students at Annapolis Middle School to return to classes.

As National Fire Safety Prevention Week comes to a close this October, Stormwater Facilities is proud to showcase this recent project for Annapolis Middle School. Fire hydrants are just one aspect of fire safety, but an extremely important one

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Workers inspect newly dug trenches and newly laid pipes for the new fire hydrants at Annapolis Middle School