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Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Services in Maryland

Snow Stacking by Stormwater Facilities MarylandSnow removal and snow plowing laws vary from state to state and county to county. Stormwater Facilities currently services dozens of properties, multiple shopping centers, several immediate care facilities and outpatient surgery centers plus around-the-clock facilities like newspaper distribution centers around the Baltimore area. After almost 25 years of service we understand the laws in your county and have the experience, the equipment and the resources to handle any snow removal or snow plowing concerns you may have.

When others are unable to complete the snow removal and snow plowing contract due to lack of staffing, resources or equipment Stormwater Facilities can help. We all remember snowmageddon – fondly! Stormwater Facilities had our snow-plowing trucks and snow removal trucks with a full compliment of labor on the road for 60 hours straight. While other contractors were ill prepared or just plain quit we successfully completed our snow plowing contracts and we were able to complete the projects the others failed to perform.


What is Snow Stacking?

When snow storms continue to hit the area with little time between storms it can start piling up on corners, in parking lots and on the side of the road. This will cause driving hazards, pedestrian hazards, loss of sufficient parking and can cause lost revenue for your tenants. When this happens Stormwater Facilities moves the snow piles or “stacks” them to clear areas of concern.


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When Would Snow Hauling Be Necessary?

Eventually even stacking the snow may not be enough. In these cases we have to remove the snow from the property by loading and hauling to designated dumping areas. We have a huge fleet of loaders and trucks capable of completing this type of snow removal and can mobilize the fleet within 15 minutes depending on your location.

Are the Snow and Ice Melting Chemicals Safe?

Yes. We use bagged salt, bulk salt, magnesium chloride and Ice Melt (a common mixture). We use broadcast spreaders and only what is appropriate for the application. Most of the chemicals are washed away without harming any plants and in fact can be helpful to some vegetation.

Do You Provide Snow Removal Plans?

That all depends on you. Obviously the response will be quite different for two inches of snow overnight as compared to two inches of snow during rush hour. The plan is something we would have to work out for you and your property. It can include disaster planning for blizzards and likely power outages for your apartment parking complex to Sunday morning emergency action plans for your Church parking lot. Snow plowing and snow removal services differ from county to county and property to property.

What is your Response Time?

Our response time to your snow removal project depends on a lot of variables. It will depend on the severity of the snow storm, the snow removal plan we have in place for your property and of course your location. Our current service areas can typically have a truck on site in 15 minutes or less.

What Are Your Snow Removal and Snow Plowing Service Areas?

We currently serve Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County and Laurel.

Our Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Services Include:

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