Serving First-Responders – Stormwater Facilities Builds Practice Trench for Firefighters

Serving First-Responders – Stormwater Facilities Builds Practice Trench for Firefighters

Safety Meets Service: Stormwater Facilities is no stranger to digging in the earth and going deep to do great work and maximize safety. In their business of site development and underground utility installations, it’s important that they observe OSHA’s requirements as they create infrastructure for pipes, public water and more.

In addition, the company is well-acquainted with community service. Richard Seitz—company vice president and former firefighter—is still very involved in serving the community at large. One example is the Boy Scouts of America where he volunteers at the district level and assists local Eagle Scouts with their projects several times a year using Stormwater’s assets and manpower. The company practices ‘paying it forward’ through other channels. As active members of the Utilities Contractors Association of Anne Arundel County (UCAAAC) and where Rich serves as Executive Board Secretary for the Association, Stormwater Facilities routinely donates time and energy to local non-profits as well.

When it came to Richard’s attention in 2018 that the Anne Arundel County Fire Department’s Fire Training Academy needed a new practice trench for the firefighters, Stormwater Facilities, along with Ace Environmental [another member of the UCAAAC], volunteered for the job and began the work in August. “I have dedicated most of my life to public service and giving back. The fire fighters of this county are no exception. What better way to serve than to assist the ones who serve us?” stated Mr. Seitz.

‘Train Like You Fight…Fight Like You Train,’ are words to live by in the dynamic world of trench rescue. Technically trained firefighters are called upon to rescue construction workers from trench collapse and/or trench accidents. Having a real trench to work and train in is critical as firefighters are the first-responders in any construction site trench collapse, or similar disaster. OSHA standards require that firefighters follow very specific safety codes for training in this ‘low frequency, high risk’ scenario. Lisa Mayers, Division Chief of the Fire Training Academy, was very grateful for the efforts of Stormwater and Ace Environmental. The trench is now part of the Fire Department Training Area at the academy—a state-of-the-art emergency response organization which provides on-going training, education and certification to fire service personnel necessary for effective emergency response.

The project was complete in July of 2019, another example of Stormwater Facilities’ company motto: ‘We get the job done.’

Stormwater Facilities used their heavy construction equipment to demolish the old concrete and prepare the VFW site for a new concrete floor.

Stormwater Facilities is a woman-owned business and Maryland’s Site Development and Underground Utility expert, providing site planning, excavation, digging & installation services since 1995.