Severna Park

Severna Park

Project: Severna Park

Project Overview

Stormwater Facilities was chosen as the site development and underground utility (sewer) contractor for Birdland Builder’s most recent project in Severna Park, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Our team provided comprehensive site development and residential sewer connection services, ensuring a smooth and environmentally responsible construction process.

As part of the work on the site, Stormwater Facilities will upgrade the sewer capacity from ¾ inch to 1.5 inch to meet growing needs.

Additional work includes using a commercial trencher to assist in installing a silt fence to minimize erosion and protect the nearby waterway, excavating an existing retaining wall, demolishing the existing structure to prepare for a new foundation, excavating the foundation, constructing a new retaining wall, constructing a dry well for sustainable stormwater management, and installing a new frost-proof hydrant for reliable water access.

As part of this work, Stormwater Facilities also supplied all roll-off dumpsters used to haul away construction and demolition debris. After Birdland Builder’s work, Stormwater Facilities will complete landscaping for the site.

The site required careful work in this waterfront community, taking into account the delicate balance of the waterfront ecosystem, the potential for erosion, and the difficulty accessing the retaining wall.

The steep slope of the lot presented a challenge, but our skilled crew ensured safe and efficient access to the retaining wall.

Work Required:

Site Preparation:

  • Cut and Fill Grading
  • Soil Stabilization and Erosion Control

Stormwater Management:

  • Dry Well Installation

Foundation Construction:

  • Excavation for New Foundation
  • Retaining Wall Demolition

Sewer System Upgrade:

  • Residential Sewer Line Installation (upgrade to 1.5″)

Water Access:

  • Frost-Proof Hydrant Installation

Landscape Stabilization and Restoration

Silt fence on lower slope of the property to prevent erosion into the river
Stormwater Facilities equipment prepared to demolish the existing structure
Silt fence installed by Stormwater Facilities to prevent erosion on the construction site
Site preparation performed by Stormwater Facilities
Existing structure to be demolished
Stormwater Facilities equipment with initial demolition of concrete pad. Stormwater Facilities-owned roll off dumpster prepared to remove debris from the site.