New Colony Pond Dewatering

New Colony Pond Dewatering

Project: New Colony Pond Dewatering

Project Overview

The New Colony Pond Dewatering Project aimed to address water flow issues within the pond’s concrete structure. Our team conducted a comprehensive investigation and implemented measures to ensure the dewatering structure was operating properly.

During manual inspection, Stormwater Facilities discovered a 6″ PVC pipe approximately 3 feet below the current pond water level trickling water into the structure. Crews then inspected the structure itself and investigated the cause of restricted water flow. They uncovered a pipe in the pond turned up to the surface, which was embedded in stone and clogged with organics.

To remove excess water and improve flow, our team utilized a diesel water pump with automatic operation. During this process, crews also removed both organic and inorganic debris from the pond and surrounding areas.

Following dewatering, the manhole cover was raised and crews cleaned both the cover and frame. Two 3’ manhole riser rings were installed. We then compiled a detailed report with pond elevation measurements for the engineer. This project successfully addressed the initial concern of restricted water flow within the pond’s structure. We also identified and removed debris, contributing to a cleaner and healthier pond environment.

Work Required:

  • Drain Inspection
  • Manual Drain Inspection
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Debris Clearing
  • Organic Material Removal
  • Stormwater Drainage System
  • Storm Water Management
  • Manhole Risers


  • Type: Stormwater Management, Site Development
  • Location: New Colony Boulevard, Elkridge Maryland