Micro-Bioretention Ponds

Micro-Bioretention Ponds

Project: Micro-Bioretention Ponds Construction Project

Project Summary/Overview/Scope

Stormwater Facilities was the chosen contractor to provide site development, storm water management and bio-retention ponds for 2 acres of a larger parcel located in Severn, Maryland (538 Jones Road). Stormwater Facilities was contracted to complete development of lot 2 by installing the storm water retention ponds. Due to this location’s proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, specific guidelines must be adhered to for the storm water flow and management.

This unique project involved the construction of seven – 1,500 square feet micro-bioretention ponds to a treatment depth of 8’; installation of a 209’ long by 7’ wide by 8’ treatment depth bio-swale; construction of a 144’ by 18’ permeable parking area; and construction of a 1,300 square foot Focal Point R-tank system for stormwater storage and treatment. Stormwater Facilities’ strong relationship with other contractors, enabled this collaborative team to save costs for their mutual customer. Through teaming arrangements soil removal costs were mitigated which also saved project time.

This video includes more details and images of the project.

Work Required:

  • Bioswales
  • Bio-Retention Ponds
  • Erosion Control
  • Micro-Bioretention
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Pervious Pavers
  • Clearing and Demolition
  • Storm Water Management Ponds
  • Sediment Control
  • Storm Water Drainage System

Project Details

Type: Site Development, Storm Water Management, Bio-Retention Ponds
Client: Solid Systems Construction
Location: Severn, Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Constructing micro-bioretention ponds starts with excavation using heavy equipment and our highly trained crews.
The micro-bioretention ponds use observation wells (PVC pipes) that allow monitoring of the water levels.
Our skilled crews are spreading the bridging layer (pea gravel) about half-way through the process of building a micro-bioretention pond.